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  1. Boost Business Performance

    September 8, 2017 by Lillian Garcia

    Are you in business right now? If so, you need all the services provided at Its services are all geared towards better business performance. Hence, you can call right now and speak to a 360ai expert about your current business problems. He or she will be a good listener who will be polite enough when responding to your questions. This website belongs to a new business that belongs to well-educated and experienced professionals. These are specialists in areas that most people would rather avoid because of their high levels of difficultly. Luckily, they have affordable prices and you can have your issue solved instantly. To understand this company’s work well, read on.

    Business Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    This is one area of specialization that has. It is about tools that do the most mundane activities you have in the office in order to free up your workers. These are provided in the form of software that is intelligent enough to interact with humans, improve their decision making processes and save them from doing tedious work on a regular basis. AI is a quickly growing area and more and more businesses are adopting it to enhance overall performance. If you wish to learn more about AI prior to having it implemented in your company, get in touch with the afore-mentioned company. It offers free consultations to ensure that potential customers buy a product they fully understand and need.

    IT solutions

    Without having flawlessly working computer networks at the office, you are doomed as far as fighting competition is concerned. Your competitors will get more business from customers who prefer to shop online or via their mobile gadgets. It is important to consult 360ai about creating a network that can be accessed from any remote location. This can be so helpful when you want to target mobile gadget users and when you want to work outside the office from time to time. Additionally, can be your unfailing business partner who could always inspect your computer network and eliminate impeding technical hitches. Whether you have no computer network or have it, this is the right networking service provider to choose. It provides a variety of services that are organized for every consumer and their financial abilities. Hence, you can get a single package that entails every service that is offered by this company. It doesn’t matter whether you own a small or large business. Every corporation or staff member is welcome to ask questions and purchase the IT solutions they like the most.

    Enterprise Management

    As long as you are a businessman you need ample management knowledge. This is one of the services you can get from today. The company deals with software tools that are required for advanced business planning and management. If you want to save time by speeding up your routine jobs and shortening your workflows, talk to this company today. It has plenty of software products that you can use to automate your business processes. Needless to say, all of these tools are not necessary to you, thus, you need to talk to a professional who can decide the best product for your business. When dealing with 360ai you don’t have to worry. It has polite, thorough and thoughtful agents who respond immediately after receiving your calls or emails. It is so important to ask questions about software as some tools are more comprehensive and useful than others. The right one to use for automation of workflows at your office is on There are more great things you can find there as well. So, feel free to visit this website and explore it for extra information.

  2. Enlightening you on How to Upgrade your Old PS4 Hard Drive

    November 7, 2016 by

    If you have never replaced your current PS4 hard drive, you should try it now. This is not necessarily difficult if you are a bit technical. You need your computer, USB flash drive, screw driver and the internet.  If you have these things, you can start out the procedure right now. The very first step will be the search for the best ps4 hard drive. This is indeed the most important task you will do. Instead of finding this item in your local electronic shop, you should be wise to locate it online.

    The best thing with buying online is because there are many resources you can use before you buy a product. As a result of doing a good investigation, you can end up ordering the best drive.  Mostly your focus should be on the performance of the new hard drive. Will it offer shorter or longer load times? In addition to extra space, will the drive be compact enough to fit inside the original hard drive’s space and within the console casing? You must be very specific on the performance and size of the hard drive.  A normal drive is 2.5-inch tall and 9.5mm thick.

    Thus, you should recall this detail when selecting a hard drive to buy. Some 2TB hard drives are thicker; but, they are very awesome in the way they run.  Hence, you might buy one of them and modify it so it can fit inside the console’s space for the hard drive. There is a process of carrying out the modification we will describe below. If it is something you can try without damaging the new drive, then get the bigger drive and modify it a little bit. It might vibrate and heat up a little but it will still be compatible with your PS4.

    Otherwise, you may be best choosing the best ps4 hard drive that will fit internally without giving failing.Some hard drives tend to come with a portable USB external drive. This may be more applicable to some people’s mobile lifestyles. This might be more expensive, but it comes with the portability benefit. While they get your best drive ready for shipping, you should be preparing for the upgrade procedure. Start by backing up all application data in your old drive. If you fail to do it, the whole data will be lost. So attach your USB flash drive to a computer port and format it. Take it out and connect it to the front port of your PS4 console.

    Move files individually from the PS4 drive to the Flash disk. Once you are done, cut-paste all data from your flash drive to the computer. Now download the Update file from the internet and save it in a folder named PS4 and a subfolder named UPDATE on the emptied flash drive.  Remove the 2TB hard drive from the external top and bottom casing using a screw driver, scalpel or just finger nails. Just be careful not to chip at the casing with afore-mentioned tools. If you fear that it will happen, use fingernails.

    It will take you a while to separate the bottom and top casing, but you will protect your drive’s casing. Once you access the top where the SATA port is, unplug and haul it out. Otherwise, the drive will not enter into the PS4 drive area. Now you will need to install the best ps4 hard drive. So turn off your PS4; if its amber light is on, the system is on standby. Hold the off button until the PS4 shuts down. Remove the power cable and other wires that might clutter your working area.  Slide and lift the PS4 casing and remove the old drive with a Philip head screw driver.  Replace it with the new hard drive and finish the upgrading process.