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  1. Important loan packages offered

    December 14, 2015 by

    It is a known fact that all money lenders are not reliable and trustworthy. The lenders work under different types of terms and conditions. They offer specific requirements and steps for loan approval. Hence you can experience different aspects and circumstances in the market. Some money lenders work under specific areas like real estate, business, medical and autos. Hence first of all you must find a relevant lender to acquire mortgage. You can narrow down the research with the help of online source anytime. It is not recommended to talk to every lender in the market instead you must do online research. If you need investment for real estate, you can use the keyword real estate lenders. You will find lot of sites which will offer right information at right place. The most important and popular packages offered by the lenders are given below.

    Signature loans
    This type of loan is issued to debtor on the basis of credit score. You can acquire this type of loan if your credit score is very good and you do not have fraud in your history. The fair bank statement and excellent credit score can lead you to successful approval of signature loan. The people with poor credit score cannot qualify for signature loan or mortgage. The signature loan does not require the collateral or personal guaranty because they work on the basis of credit score only. The Money lender Singapore can offer you signature loan.

    Pay day loans
    This type of loan is based on permanent job. If you are doing a good job with handsome salary, you can get this type of loan anytime. The key feature of pay day loan is that it offers instant cash. You can get it only within few hours. If you are in emergency situation, you can easily apply for this type of loan anytime. The pay day loan is widely used across the globe because it is a source of several benefits. It offers simple and easy conditions. It also offers moderate interest rate. The pay day loan is issued only for a short time period. You cannot use and keep this loan for many years. The Money lender Singapore is a right source for this type of loan.

    Title loan
    This type of loan based on collateral or expensive products. You must present some precious thing like car, gold, house or real estate as collateral to the lender. He will offer the loan according to the value of your collateral. It is called the title loan. This type of loan does not require good credit score, bank statement and regular job. Every person can apply for this type of loan. The basic and most important requirement of this type of loan is collateral.

    Conventional loans
    In order to get this type of loan, applicant must have good credit score and regular job. This type of loan is used by the rental business owners. You can select Money lender Singapore to acquire this loan package.

  2. Be aware of all the fees you are required to pay while looking for a loan

    April 5, 2015 by

    There are many people who are looking to get the payday loan and they end up paying more money in the broker’s fee to the middlemen. There is a huge amount of money that brokers extract from the people who wants the payday loan. Many steps are now being taken to warn the customers about the illegal broker’s fee but this fee is charged in a sophisticate way. To protect the customers, this has to be done on regulator level but the customers are in vulnerable situation if they need to get the money faster.

    There are cases where people who are applying for the loan may be asked to give the identification and the details of the credit card. Many customers do not understand the terms and the conditions that they sign for and sometime they may agree for the broker to take a certain amount as a fee or to share the data with other people. There is no place where you will find the mention of the fee but there are some sites which will flag up the charges. Normally, you do not have to pay up the charges so that someone can arrange the loan for you. You can decide to go to a reputable lender directly and to ensure that you pay the fees that are clear.

    When you start to learn about the different types of broker fees, you will find that there are many prohibitions. There are two principles which contain a key to the compliance with the law. You do not have to pay for any fee of a referral which means that the fee which compensates a broker for the referral at fixed cost for each customer is not allowed. The value of the compensation to be paid to the broker should be based on the services that he has offered. When the fee structure does motivate the broker to charge the customers as much as he can, it is under scrutiny. When a fee is considered to be too much, it is against the law.

    Whenever you look for a loan, you will find a loan broker and you may have heard good things or bad things about them. Regardless of what you may have heard, the broker is a go between of the bank and the borrower. They work with the borrowers who qualify for the loan. When the client has reached the broker and he has gained the important information about him together with his credit report, he will know the chance he has to get the financing.

    When the broker has all the necessary information, he has to determine what is going to work well for the client and he will be able to set the appropriate loan amount, the loan type which is the ideal for the consumer and the loan to value. The borrower may decide everything on his own but the broker is only there in order to help you. While learning about the services offered by the brokers, it is also good learn about the different types of broker fees.