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  1. Get Rid of Fleas from You Pets and Property

    September 24, 2017 by Lillian Garcia

    It can be hard to get rid of fleas and even harder if they are on your pet. As soon as the first lot of fleas are gone, the pet comes back in and spreads them around the house and yard again. It can take time to get rid of them for good, and you need to be realistic as to what you can do. If you don’t have professional equipment and treatments there are still many things that you can try. The biggest issue is the fact that by the time you are aware that there are fleas around, they will be well established and you will have fleas, pupae and larvae to get rid of. It could be less than a week from a flea coming in to it being classed as an infestation, and you must know how to get rid of fleas for good.

    Blaming the Pets

    The reality is that often it is the pets that bring pests to the house and you need to know how to get rid of them. The trouble is, they cannot help it and have no way of getting rid of them themselves. Even of the pests are only in the yard, fleas can be passed onto humans and they will bring them indoors.

    If you have confirmed that it is the pets that have fleas, then a flea comb is needed. They can hide, especially if there is a lot of fur, so you will need a good comb. You will also need some soap mixed with water. Once you have these things, you need to follow these steps: –

    • Begin at the head and work down to the legs and tail.
    • Once the comb has been run one way, run it the other way to make sure none have been missed.
    • Dip the comb in the solution as soon as possible as this will kill the fleas.
    • Repeat as often as necessary.

    Has it worked?

    The best way to determine that they have all gone is to wear white. They are attracted to that colour and any that have been missed will be visible on the clothing. If it has not worked, then you need to go a stage further. A flea bath is an option, but make sure that you are protected as they can be vicious – especially the cats.

    Removing Fleas from the House

    Once you are confident that the pets are ok, you can start on the house. It may take a little longer as you will not know how bad it is, or how many rooms are affected.

    • Foggers – here are however a few things to take note of if using these. The can be flammable, are toxic, could damage surfaces and mean you need to be away from the home for a least a couple of hours.
    • Powder – it can be put on rugs and carpets and then hoovered up. Upholstery can be treated as well and this process should be followed for several times a week over a few weeks.

    Removing Fleas from the Yard

    Make sure that you are aware if the product is toxic or not, anis is important when learning how to get rid of fleas. As most of them can be sprayed, just attach the item to the garden hose. Keep the spray away from vegetables, fruit and flowers, so if there is a problem in the areas where they are growing, you will need to try something less damaging. Again, this is not going to be a onetime only process, so you need to be patient and make time to do it as often as necessary.